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.STORAGE is the revolutionary new space for storage businesses of all kinds to operate online. The era of new gTLDs is upon us, and storage is one of the first global industries to tap into the power of a specialized domain.

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Self Storage

54,000 self storage facilities are fighting for space in the real world and online. Digital space for self storage is more competitive than ever before. Reserve a .STORAGE domain for your self storage business today.

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Data and Cloud Storage

Data storage businesses are growing at exponential rates as individuals and businesses create more and larger data files. Learn why a .STORAGE domain makes sense for data, cloud and business storage companies.

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Who Was .STORAGE Created For?

We will answer your question with a question. Are you a business that engages in the storage industry or provides a service that allows customers to safely keep something of value or that will be used at a later time? If the answer is yes, then a .STORAGE domain is something you should be searching for right now.

If you are engaged in self storage, data storage, energy storage, cloud storage, warehouse storage, or any other type of storage, you should’ve grabbed your place within the .STORAGE domain already.

Still not convinced you fit the bill? We’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list of storage types here that will convince you that you belong with other forward-thinking individuals with a role in storage.

Organizations At the Forefront
of the .Storage revolution



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Storage Professionals Paving the Way in the .Storage Domain

.STORAGE News & Blog Posts

.STORAGE Featured in Mini-Storage Messenger

.STORAGE is making headlines! In this week’s Mini-Storage Messenger Newsletter, Self Storage Company CMO, Paul Yoachum, and the .STORAGE brand were the featured story. Thank you to the MSM team for helping get the word out on the new gTLD created specifically...

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URL Structure: 3 Rules to Remember

When searching for a website, consumers have gotten smart about what they’re looking for and why they choose one website over another in search engine results. Similar to searching for specific keywords, consumers take notice of your website’s URLs and what they...

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For a Good Domain Name, Avoid Hyphens

Domain names are changing. Businesses are beginning to use their own brand gTLDs—such as Barclays (.BARCLAYS), Google (.GOOGLE), or Amazon (.AMAZON)—or purchase gTLDs related to their industries, such as .STORAGE. Whatever the case, with more options available, tricks...

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