.STORAGE: The Future of Domain Names for Warehouse and Cold Storage Businesses

Don’t get left behind. A .STORAGE domain name offers warehouse and cold storage businesses shorter, more descriptive domain names that are more memorable and search engine-friendly. Your new domain will establish you as a reliable provider of warehouse or cold storage services.

A Domain That Makes Sense

Warehousers, cold storage warehouses and other businesses operating in a primarily B2B world don’t have the luxury of having other business customers searching endlessly to find their website. Let’s face it, other businesses don’t have time to scan the internet to find your website.

With a new .STORAGE domain name, your current or potential customers know what business you are in before even opening your website. Make life easy on your clients and move your website to a .STORAGE domain name today.

4 Reasons to Get a .STORAGE Domain

1. Better, Industry-Specific Names.

Shorter, more intuitive, and more descriptive domain names designed for the storage industry.

2. Availability.

Early adopters will find unmatched availability and attractive domain names at a competitive price.

3. Safer Web Presence

With a robust technical infrastructure and ‘watchdog’ policy, .STORAGE ensures a safer and more secure online space.

4. Future Industry Standard.

As companies like Google and Amazon roll out their new extensions (.buy, .rsvp, .fly), extensions like .STORAGE will become the norm.


Join the Future Today

The days of .COM and .NET only domain names are behind us. With the convenience that .STORAGE and other descriptive domain names will provide customers, they’ll soon come to expect and prefer gTLDs like .STORAGE.

This is the direction the internet is going. With the best domains still available, now is the time to take action and make the switch to .STORAGE.

Don’t Get Left Behind   

Remember that feeling when you had to settle for a less-than-ideal domain name because all of the ones you wanted were taken? Avoid that feeling this time around and claim your .STORAGE domain while the best options are still available.


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