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What is the legal entity of .STORAGE?

Self Storage Company, LLC operates .STORAGE.

How was .STORAGE founded, and who manages it?

Long-time pioneer and leader in the self storage industry, Extra Space Storage, learned of the opportunity to apply for a new Top Level Domain (TLD) in 2011 when ICANN approved a program under which companies could apply to operate their own TLDs. Extra Space applied for .Storage and .ExtraSpace in 2012. After a lengthy review and contracting process, the TLDs were finally activated in late 2015 and early 2016.

Self Storage Company, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Extra Space Storage, is the ICANN-designated Registry Operator for the TLD and has been staffed with an expert team dedicated exclusively to the launch and ongoing operators of .STORAGE. You can learn more about our team here.

As mandated by ICANN, there is a Chinese wall between Extra Space Storage and day-to-day .Storage operations. All activity related to the management of .Storage is in the hands of Self Storage Company, LLC and its staff. All Registry Operators are held to strict ICANN standards of fairness, equality, and intent to be good stewards of their TLDs.

What is .Storage?

.Storage is a new domain for storage-related websites. For example:

Who is eligible for a .Storage domain?

All storage-related organizations, companies, and individuals are welcome to apply for a .Storage domain.

What are some of the benefits of a .Storage domain?

.Storage is the first and only domain space dedicated to the storage industry. The .Storage domain name lets customers know that your website is credible and will help define your brand online by clearly communicating your connection to the storage industry. Additional benefits of .Storage include shorter, intuitive, and more descriptive domain names, as well as increased security.

How much will a .Storage domain cost?

Most .Storage domain names will be standard registrations and will have an annual cost that is market-based and comparable to existing addresses. Premium names will have a higher cost, and some of those names will be auctioned off.

How do I get a .Storage domain?

Visit to purchase a domain today, or view our list of all of .STORAGE registrars to purchase a domain through.

Can I have more than one domain name, such as a .Storage domain and .Com?

Yes. You can own multiple domains. In fact, we recommend owners of traditional sites register a .Storage domain to coincide with a previously designed website.

How many .Storage domains can I register?

You can register as many you want!

Do I have to build a new website for my new .Storage domain?

No. You can use an existing website or build a new website. For four simple steps to switch your existing website to a new .Storage domain, visit

Can I purchase a .Storage domain and hold it without using it as a live site for a period?



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